Olympic Bars & Collars

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There are many different of Olympic Bar's on the market. Making the right decision can be challenging. We provide highest quality bars that are built to last many years without problems.

If you are Olympic Lifter then the best bar is the Uesaka Training Bar. If you are a Power Lifter or General use than the Iron Grip Olympic Bar is highly recommended.

Some customers are using Power Bars for Olympic Lifting. This can work as long as you are not pulling very heavy weight and are very carefull. Power Bars are much stiffer than bars built for Olympic Lifts. Olympic Lifting bars are much more flexible than Power Bars and return to form after a heavy pull whereas a Power-Bar may not.

Word of caution: It's very common for us to replace cheap bars that have bent and/or no longer spins. These bars usually come from China. I do understand quality is improving in China however it is not near the quality of bars made in the U.S.A., Japan or Europe. Iron Grip Bars are made in the U.S.A. and Uesaka Bars are made in Japan. IGX Bars are made in China (probably the best Chinese bar available).

Iron Grip Hard Chrome Olympic Bars:

These bar's are exclusively American-made and offer many innovative features, including unique Hard Chrome plating. This finish is aircraft-quality, industrial-grade satin chrome that won't flake or peel like other chrome platings can.

Iron Grip Olympic bars will provide years of dependable service. Heavy-duty construction ensures a high degree of returnability which means the bar can be bent up to 5 degrees and still return to its original straight shape. Our bars feature heat-treated, turned, ground and polished steel shafts with a sturdy 30 mm diameter. Machined steel sleeves are attached with shoulder bolts and equipped with nylon-impregnated threads for exceptional durability. These ultra-slick, heavy duty, product-specific bushings will provide free and continuous rotation through years of heavy use.

Iron Grip bars offer many additional features, including fittings that are welded, not press-fit to the bars, a unique, patented 6-sided collar and comfortable, medium diamond knurling for a safe, secure grip. The Iron Grip 7' bar has a center knurl for added safety. Oversized EZ curl bars fit all racks, stands and curl benches (most other EZ curl bars are only 4' long.)

  • 7' Hard Chrome Olympic Bar - Made in USA
  • 5' Hard Chrome Olympic Bar - Made in USA
  • 48" Hard Chrome EZ Curl Bar - Made in USA
  • 7' Hard Chome IGX International Bar

Uesaka Olympic Lifting - Certified IWF Bars:

  • Designed Specificially for Olympic Lifts
  • 20 Kg Certified
  • 20 Kg Non-Certified Traning Bar
  • 15 kg. Womens Training Bar

Uesaka is well known and respected among Olympic Lifters. Uesaka bars are built with meticilous attention to detail. Uesaka bars and equipment has been used in the Olympic Games since the 1920's. These are some of the strongest, most durable bars available.

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Quick Collars and Muscle Clamp collars are sold by the pair, and feature simple, one-handed operation and a secure fit.

Quick Collars are machined from 2" high-impact chromed steel and incorporate the patented QuickleeT quick release technology. Muscle ClampT collars are constructed of durable, glass-filled nylon, making them lightweight, yet extremely heavy-duty. In addition, Muscle ClampT collars are fitted with internal wear guards to protect bars from scratching. Please note that Muscle Clamp collars and Quick Collars are not manufactured by Iron Grip and carry a one-year warranty only.